WJSS Weekend Sounds: Natalie Cole – I’m Catching Hell

3 Jan

natalie_coleR & B Singer, Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole, passed away this week at the age of 65.

Remembering Natalie as a significant part of my musical landscape during my teens and twenties, I wanted to honor her passing with a song here.  I couldn’t decide between the joyous and danceable, This Will Be, or I’ve Got Love On My Mind, two of her more recognizable hits, so I decided to play a song that I don’t remember well, but that I’ve seen friends post on social media these past few days.

Like the posthumous duet she created in the early 1990’s with her Dad, Natalie, and her contributions to pop and R & B, will continue to be Unforgettable.

Here’s Natalie with I’m Catching Hell:


www.youtube.com, Natalie Cole, I’m Catching Hell, posted by aimeedus

photo credit:  www.soultracks.com


3 Responses to “WJSS Weekend Sounds: Natalie Cole – I’m Catching Hell”

  1. Karen January 3, 2016 at 11:40 pm #

    This isn’t very familiar to me either, Wendy.
    Thank you for sharing. May she rest in peace, comfort and joy.

    • Wendy Jane January 4, 2016 at 6:56 pm #

      Hi Sherry,

      I’m glad that you were out and about enjoying the holiday season. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I know–it was too soon for her to go…her talent will be missed.

      Thanks again,
      Wendy Jane

  2. Sherry Gordon January 4, 2016 at 10:02 am #

    Dear Wendy Jane,

    Hello, there, my so, so very For Always dearly special and so, so very dearly precious friend and sister For Always who you are For Always so, so very much, Wendy Jane!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I’m finally able to respond to this absolutely amazing and beautiful tribute to our dear late Natalie Cole with this so very cool and inspirational blog post article! Yay!!!!!!! I haven’t been home as much as I usually am and have been away from my computer, sister. Wow, what a so very beautiful and lovely tribute to our so very late great musical talent Natalie Cole!!!!!!! I am so sad as well that she has died, and so young at the age of 65!!!!!!! This is just too, too young!!!!!!! Wendy Jane, I love the song you chose as well-I am not too familiar with this song as well compared to her other ones like the ones you mentioned!!!!!! Sister, I so, so very much love, cherish, and honor you, my so, so very dearest white sisterfriend Wendy Jane, for you, my so very dearest friend, and for how you so lovingly in such a caring, sensitive, and heartfelt manner love and cherish us as black people, black culture in all of its beautiful variety, and aspects, and for how you honor and pay tribute to black persons like the absolutely great and so, so very endearing way you have honored our late Natalie Cole, sister!!!!!!! Wendy Jane, this is just great here, sister!!!!!!!! Sister, you are just the very best and the very greatest, Wendy Jane, and you rock, and also you, sisterfriend, are just the very, very, very, very epitome of overall awesomeness, my friend!!!!!!

    Sister, please have a Mighty Fine and Marvelous Monday at the start to your week, and may all of your days be so, so very especially blessed, Wendy Jane!!!!!! Wow, I just love this absolutely fantastic blog post article of yours, and this so very uplifting and cool tribute to our late great Natalie Cole, sisterfriend!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely For Always, my so, so very dearest and special white sisterfriend, with Peace and Love to you For Always, my so very dear friend, and with Blessings and Even More Blessings To You For Always, my so very dearest sister, Wendy Jane,

    Your sisterfriend lesbian black woman For Always in the spirit and solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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