Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Missy Elliott – WTF

22 Nov

Missy Elliott, WTF video

Missy Elliott, WTF video

She’s back!  Missy Elliott is better than ever in this video, WTF (Where They From).

Missy, Pharrell, killer dance moves, and, wait for it…marionettes! It’s been too long for this woman of great talent and substance, and with over 15 million views on YouTube after two weeks, seems a lot of other people are happy to have Missy on the scene again, too.




www.youtube.com, Missy Elliott, featuring Pharrell Williams, WTF (Where They From), posted by Vevo

Photo Credit:  www.dazeddigital.com

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  1. Sherry Gordon November 23, 2015 at 1:42 pm #

    Dear Wendy Jane,

    Hello, there, Wendy Jane, my so, so very dearly precious and so very dearly special white and Jewish friend and sister who you are For Always so, so very much!!!!!! Wow, sister, wow, wow,wow and wow and wow and wow and a zillion wows, my so very dearest friend-I so, so very much love and like this astounding blog post article of yours which is so very energizing and uplifting with such cool and great music, singing, dancing, and instrumentation, sister!!!!! Wow, we as your very grateful and appreciative readers have just been given a great treat and a blessing from you, Wendy Jane, with this so very marvelous blog post article of yours with such sparkling music! Wow, this video is wonderful, sister!!!!!!! The dance moves are just fantastic! The singing, music, and instrumentation are just absolutely fantabulous! Wow, Missy Elliott is such a great talent! She is so timeless transcending time with her ever present and ongoing for such a long time talent with her so well deserved popularity for sure, my sweet sisterfriend, Wendy Jane!!!!!! The marionettes are so cute and adorable-I’ve always loved them, my friend!!!!!!! Sisterfriend, when I was a little girl I had such fun playing with my marionettes like with the Danny O’Day marionette! Wow, this is such a very remarkably astounding, so very well put together video, sister!!!!!! I can just see here why it’s so popular, sister!!!!!! You have just added to my days making my days even better and brighter, Wendy Jane, just as I know that you have so much blessed and brightened the days of your other very grateful and appreciative readers with this so fine blog post article of yours featuring very invigorating and fun music! I have such greatly immense joys and blessings joyfully reading your great blog post articles, and also listening to such cool music, and very joyously responding with my very heartfelt comments, Wendy Jane! What a joy and blessing you are, my very precious sisterfriend, Wendy Jane, and your very spectacular WJSS!!!!!!! Yay for you Wendy Jane For Always!!!!!! Yay for your WJSS!!!!!!

    Please have a very Happy, Mighty Fine and Marvelous Monday, a wondrously wonderful rest of your week and weekend, and a Very Happy Blessed So Full of Bountiful Blessings Thanksgiving to you and all of your so very precious, beloved, and special family, sister!!!!!!!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely For Always, my so very special Jewish and white sisterfriend who you are For Always so, so very much, Wendy Jane, with Peace and Love To You For Always my so very dear and precious sister, with Blessings and Even More Blessings To You For Always, my friend,

    Your lesbian black friend and sister For Always in the spirit and solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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