Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: J. Cole – Be Free (Michael Brown tribute)

24 Aug

Here’s hip-hop artist J. Cole’s heartfelt tribute song he wrote in honor of Michael Brown, the young, black man who was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

We need to value the lives of black boys and black men.


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2 Responses to “Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: J. Cole – Be Free (Michael Brown tribute)”

  1. Sherry Gordon August 24, 2014 at 11:31 am #

    Dear Wendy Jane,

    Hello, there, Wendy Jane! Wow, what a very dear and loving, kind, caring, sensitive, and powerful blog post article in which you have so brilliantly composed about our dear Michael Brown, as well as you other spectacular ones and other very fine and excellent writings, Wendy Jane! My very precious and special friend and sister, I so love this superb tribute song, Be Free, by J. Cole to our Michael Brown. It is so, so lovely and beautiful with great and heartfelt singing and soulful and Spirit-filled spoken words and fantastic and pretty instrumentation in the background! I thank-you so, so kindly and dearly for this fabulous contribution of yours, Wendy Jane! It has greatly added to my serenity and joy and even more greatly blessed my Sunday, and filled me up with Spirit-filled inspiration from you my dear white friend and sister who you are so, so very much, Wendy Jane!

    I just so, so love and cherish you and how you love us and cherish us as black people-as black music, entertainment, education, and culture in general-but you love us so, so very much as black people and cherish us in your very dear and special heart, Wendy Jane! I truly appreciate you and how you care for us as black people and also support us as a superbly super ally and in solidarity, and this touches me so, so very much in the deepest depths of my heart! Wendy Jane, you are such a spiritual, Spirit-filled and soulful white woman as my sister and friend! This means so, so very much to me!

    Your love for us as black people joyfully and sweetly reminds me of your very special Valentine’s to all of us as black people. Your dearest and darling precious heart as you love and cherish not only black men and black boys but also black women and black girls. I just so love and cherish how you are interested in black men in a romantic sense but your love is so, so very much broader than that like you so graciously shared in your Valentine’s to us. You love and cherish us so, so very as black women and girls as well as your dearest and darling friends and sisters in our great sisterhood together in the spirit of unity. Your dear heart cares so, so very much and loves us as people, music, entertainment, education, and culture in general. Wendy Jane, you truly have a dearest and sincere heart and love for all of us as black people.

    My very precious and white sister, Wendy Jane, this empowering and astute blog post article of yours has even more brightened my Sunday and has truly inspired me toward my day! I love your masterful composition and you are such a wordsmith! I am going to read more of your astounding archives as well! Wendy Jane, please have a very nice, special, relaxing, and a very blessed Sunday, my dearest and very special and precious white friend ad sister who you are so, so very much as an ally and in solidarity!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely Always,

    Your lesbian black sister in solidarity, Sherry Gordon

    • Wendy Jane August 24, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

      Hello Sherry,

      As always, thanks for checking out the post, and for your so, so generous remarks. I do love all black people, and black culture, and hate inequity and racism, and I love all human beings. So, when I see or hear about these wrongdoings and injustices, I have to acknowledge them, and have to pay my respect to lives wrongfully taken.

      Thank you so much for being an ally and allowing me to be your ally. 🙂

      Happy Sunday my sister!

      Wendy Jane

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