Wendy Jane’s Weekend Sounds: Parliament – Flash Light

3 May

me and friend Tony Rinaldi at Wilby High Prom, Waterbury, CT, 1979

me and friend Tony Rinaldi at Wilby High Prom, Waterbury, CT, 1979

Maybe it’s because I pulled out my old high school yearbook the other day and found my junior year prom picture, and remembered what I was dancing to back then, and maybe, because like another time when we were all reeling from the Michael Brown, and then the Eric Garner non-indictments, I pulled up Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, for my weekend pick. I felt like sometimes, in the darkest of times, we all need to just take a breath, and, in the words of the B-52’s, “dance this mess around,” before we can keep moving forward in the quest for true justice and equality for all.



I’m going back again to the funk well and pulling up a classic Parliament single: Flash Light.  So, take a breather and dance, and then get back to fighting the good fight.  Happy Sunday, Funkateers!






SOURCE: www.youtube.com, Flashlight by Parliament, Uploaded by TheOldSchoolMusic, 12/18/09

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  1. Sherry Gordon May 3, 2015 at 1:38 pm #

    Dear Wendy Jane,

    Hello, there, my dearly sweet and specially precious white sisterfriend who you are For Always so, so very much, Wendy Jane!!!!! I thank-you so for this good old old school music from Parliament with Flashlight, sister!!!!! I loved this blast from the very great past, sisterfriend!!!!! I love good old oldies from the 60s, 70s, and the 80s, sisterfriend, and I just so love the cool and smooth sounds of the 70s like with the different kinds of disco which were out and about back in that era!!!!! What great music and singing with laid back instrumentation to add even more to my Sunday being smoothly and superbly super, Wendy Jane!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this as I know for certain that your other very grateful and appreciative readers will as well!!!!!! Thank-you so for this, sister!!!!! What a great joy and blessing this is and how it has made me feel smooth, serene, relaxed and even more energized, Wendy Jane!!!!!!

    Sister, the two of you in your junior prom picture is such a great and a cool picture!!!!! Wendy Jane, you look absolutely beautiful, pretty, and lovely and from what pictures of you I have seen on your blog that are more recent you look the very same, sisterfriend!!!!!! It looks like you and Tony had so much fun!!!!!! The two of you did for sure make for a magnificently spectacular picture!!!!!! You and I graduated the same good old year from high school in 1980-I graduated from Cleveland Heights High School in Cleveland Heights, Ohio that very same year, my friend!!!!!! Wendy Jane, what a great year that was in 1980 for us to be graduating from high school!!!!!!! It is just so fun being the same age as you, sister, and having been in high school in that very same time era-and what a time era that was for sure, sisterfriend!!!!!

    My sweet white sister, please have a very superbly super and a very nice, special, blessed, and a Happy Sunday, and a wondrously wonderful week, my sweet white sisterfriend, Wendy Jane!!!!! Having enjoyed this cool music has gotten my Sunday even more invigorating for me, Wendy Jane!!!!!! Thank-you, my friend!!!!!!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely For Always with Peace and Love To You For Always my white sister, Wendy Jane, with Blessings and Even More Blessings To You For Always my white sisterfriend,

    Your lesbian black friend and sister For Always in solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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