Most Popular Google Search Leading To Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake: White Girl Stereotypes

21 Mar

Every time I check my blog’s dashboard for visitor statistics, the most popular daily search term is:  white girl stereotypes, and variations thereof including,   stereotypical white girl things, funny white girl stereotypes, what is a stereotypical white girl, stereotypical white girl dress…well, you get the picture.  Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake is actually the second listing on the first page of Google, right under Yahoo Ask.  And, all because of the post I put up in July 2012, White Girl Stereotypes, a follow-up to my post, One-Of-A-Kind Black Girls.

In One-Of-A-Kind Black Girls I recalled my high school days when I had to admit that I and others seemed to prescribe certain roles to the black girls at our school, which included, the super-funny black girl, the angry and/or sassy black girl, and the shy, church mouse black girl.  I included a few white girl stereotypes I experienced and imagined were projected on us as well, like rich white girl, stuck-up white girl, and bookworm nerdy white girl.  A few days later I Googled around for what others were saying about white girl stereotypes to make my counter White Girl Stereotypes blog post.

It’s curious to me why so many people want to find out about white girl stereotypes.  And, of course, when you Google black girl stereotypes there are just as many listings.  Is it so people can laugh at the other race, and silently chuckle to themselves, saying, see it’s true…just what I thought…white girls really do say, um, totally, and flip their hair a lot.  Or…see, it’s true, all black girls do have an attitude.

While we all ponder this, here are two more videos to give us food for thought.  I would love to hear your comments on the subject in the Comments section below:


1st video, True or False ?!! White Stereotypes, Too Funny (This Was Not Rehearsed) by Prosper Mbongue Muna

2nd video, Black Girl Problems (skit) posted by: Megos Legos

6 Responses to “Most Popular Google Search Leading To Wendy Jane’s Soul Shake: White Girl Stereotypes”

  1. karen kidd March 21, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    OMG! They’re both hilarious and address popular stereotypes!

    • Wendy Jane March 22, 2013 at 11:12 am #

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for reading and watching. I thought so, too–I hadn’t known I smelled like a wet dog out in the meadow.

  2. Sherry Gordon May 28, 2014 at 5:45 pm #

    Dear Wendy Jane,
    Hi, there, Wendy Jane! I so love this great and cool blog post article of yours as well as your other very fine and excellent ones! I think that there are so, so many unfair and unfounded stereotypes afoot about white women and white girls! I think of all of the ones which I have heard all of my life. Also, I think of all of the unfair ones I grew up with hearing from my mother and father, older brothers (I am the youngest and the only girl in my family of origin), and from many of my other relatives, and other black women and black men. As a black woman, I made it a point from a very young age to resist the very mean and cruel things my parents and family would say, how they would be mean-spirited and prejudicial, bigoted, and spout off stereotypical things. My late mother all the way until the end of her life would really get out of line, saying the “white b-” words all of the time with such cruelty and so unfairly about white women. I love my family dearly but we just don’t see eye to eye. Due to their heterosexism and homophobia toward me as a black lesbian, and due to much dysfunction and abuse and problems growing up and for safety’s sake, I have not maintained contact since my twenties. All of the stereotypes about white women and white girls are so egregiously unfair. Like a lot of people think only white women go to therapy. I have been in therapy for decades as well as many 12-Step programs which have immensely helped me! I hear still how white women are supposedly more materialistic but I can think of plenty of other black women who are for surely indeed materialistic! Then I hear still and did hear growing up that white women and white girls don’t stick around when problems come and that they cut and run and don’t stick around when problems arise. How so unfair and untrue! Good and bad people are EVERYWHERE and no one particular kind of person and definitely not white women are more likely to be fair weather than anyone else. And even if some people who by chance happen to be white women do mean or unkind things, this is a reflection of the kind of people who they are AS PEOPLE, not as representatives of all white women.

    Oh, Wendy Jane, I am so passionate about this!!!!! I have tried so hard all of my life to not follow in the footsteps of what I heard and was exposed to growing up! I didn’t want to be hateful and bitter and to hold on to anger toward white people, especially white women. As a black lesbian woman, I love white women so, so very much and I think that many are wonderful as people and inside, and I think white women are so very attractive, and I am very much attracted to white women! I know racism is very real and is still out there, but I want to be as loving of a person as a human being and woman and not be bitter even with the racism, oppression, and discrimination which I have experienced in the past some of the time, and still sometimes experience. This is an integral part of my spirituality and my outlook on life, and my belief in and love for our Good Creator God as a liberal, progressive Christian.

    Oh, Wendy Jane, I could go on and on!!!!!! I have so many strongly intense thoughts on this!!!!! I so look forward to joyfully reading through more of your very spectacular, honest, and sensitive blog post articles in your great archives! I am having such fun reading your very fine and excellent writings, and I am eagerly anticipating reading more of them! Wendy Jane, please have a very nice, special, and a very blessed day my white sisterfriend who you are!

    Very Sincerely Always,
    Sherry Gordon

    • Wendy Jane May 30, 2014 at 11:11 am #

      Hello Sherry,

      Wow, I am so grateful to have connected with you, and for you really baring your soul here, and in other comments. It’s so interesting for me to hear about how you grew up, and the comments you heard throughout your life from relatives and friends against white women. Many of those you have mentioned I have heard, some I had not-like white women being more materialistic or not loyal friends–well, perhaps I’ve heard women of color, even Jada Pinkett Smith, said it–that she has a hard time trusting white women. It had to take so much for you growing up to hold onto your own beliefs, and to resist those words and thoughts that didn’t ring true to you. You are so courageous, and compassionate. I feel like we do have so much in common, in that we want to show people from other races that we love them, that we, as you so beautifully put it:
      “…but I want to be as loving of a person as a human being and woman and not be bitter even with the racism, oppression, and discrimination which I have experienced in the past some of the time, and still sometimes experience.”

      Thank you so, so much Sherry for all that you give to me, and the readers here, with your beautiful, heartfelt words.

      Wendy Jane

  3. Sherry Gordon May 28, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

    Dear Wendy Jane,
    Oops, Hi, there, again, Wendy Jane! I meant to also say above that I for sure don’t think you or other white women smell like a wet dog in a meadow! I was horrified by what those men were saying! I don’t think kissing white women has a weird or bad taste or effect at all! I am so, so incredibly saddened by the heartlessly cruel stereotypes which are out there about white women, my white sisterfriend who you are, Wendy Jane!

    You please have a very wonderful, special, and a very blessed day, Wendy Jane!

    Very Sincerely Always,
    Your black sisterfriend Sherry Gordon

    • Wendy Jane May 30, 2014 at 11:13 am #

      that one about smelling like a wet dog made me laugh–the video to me was just interesting–I was glad that these young people were talking about it together.

      Have a wonderful day, sisterfriend!

      Wendy Jane

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