It’s Been 2 Years, Since You Left Us, And Still…Nothing Compares 2 U, Prince

21 Apr

Wearing my Prince t-shirt today, and listening to The Current app (get it!) that a friend shared with me. It’s a Minneapolis NPR music station,and inside the app, there is a station called The Purple Current, which explores the musical universe of Prince. Today they are playing all Prince for a straight 24-hours, in remembrance of the 2nd anniversary of his passing.

Still missed by millions around the world, perhaps we all can take a pause and pay our respects, in a way that feels right to each one of us. If you’re looking for suggestions:


Download The Current app, and click on The Purple Current station:



Wear something purple <3


Read my tribute to Prince, first posted at the time of his passing:

Nothing Compares 2 Prince


Watch this beautiful video of never before seen rehearsal footage from 1984 which just surfaced yesterday of Prince’s first recording of Nothing Compares 2 U. Something so special about seeing an artist in their early days. Of course, Prince already shines his otherworldly brightness and genius here:





Finally, just go dance your royal Purple ass off today. The Purple Highness would surely appreciate it. <3



SOURCE:, Prince, Nothing Compares 2 U

One Response to “It’s Been 2 Years, Since You Left Us, And Still…Nothing Compares 2 U, Prince”

  1. Sherry Gordon April 25, 2018 at 12:25 am #

    Dear Wendy Jane,

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